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I laike Manga, Anime, JPOP, KPOP, writing fanfiction (and my own stories:D), drawing stuph, and err I dunno what else:D FACEBOOKING haha. Yeah um and singing ? o.o Well I can't be bothered to put any more than that so..... Yeah if you wanna know something you ASK:D hehe.




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Hello Welcome to my first ever successfully created blog:D Muahaha. Wait I shall take down the date: 7/10/10.
And it's the EYAs! :D jk I mean T.T hahaha~ ;D
disclaimer! http://www.blogskins.com/info/327624 :) Yay:D

angsty on chemistry

July 14, 2011 . 12:09 PM

It's free block chem right now and I'm here on blogger instead of doing work because Ms Goh is just that scary and I don't want to confront her to ask her how my proposal is because I'm convinced there are a lot of things wrong with it (considering I did it in 10 minutes) but my mind is blank and I've just been pissed off rather badly so here I am, sitting at the corner of the class with Ronnie next to me reading Hetalia fanfiction...

I'm starting to wish that teachers would assign groupings for everything -_- I would very much be pleased to elaborate as to why this is causing me such angst, however I might in the process mention names by accident and that will get me into a lot of trouble so yeah...

Woohoo we're doing fingerprinting next week (Y). But that would mean I would have to have a group by then. Hmm it's not like it takes a long time to search for a group but well when someone obviously tries to hide the fact that she thinks you are incapable and useless by dragging her friend aside after asking me if I want to be in their group for CSI and then stalking away like nothing happened...

ah. whateverrrrrr. -_-

humaira must upload those shtoopid pictures from the malaysia trip ohmytoot :0 and CIKGU NEEDS TO TAG US IN THE PHOTOS OF US FISHING FOR IKAN IN THE MUD. WHEE. It may seem stupid but I'm going to use those photos for campaign... Sya suggests I use the tumblr faces but then. um. that might be slightly disturbing especially the one that makes me look like some blue alien from a planet in a faraway land of outer space and galaxies where purely pink pretty rainbows (alliteration see i'm so awesome) and unicorns actually exist. I'm sorry I'm now in Malay therefore I am talking nonsense. Kan melayu.


Ksybai :D



SIP is meant for Super-Intelligent-People.

July 10, 2011 . 12:13 AM

Well actually it's supposed to stand for Science Investigative Project (which I haven't started on) but I'm not a SUPER-INTELLIGENT-PERSON and I don't want to do it (more like I don't have time to). Oh the sad sad life of someone who spent more than 20 days away from home in the course of the June holidays... :( a very pitiful life I live, don't you think?

I was supposed to do SIP today, but then because today I paid back a day for fasting I wasn't in the mood to do anything of the sort, much less make and melt ice cream, since that is basically summing up my entire experiment. Considering the fact that I don't like ice cream, I think it's a pretty stupid thing to do. I could always give it to dad though, but he refuses to talk to me nowadays.

Oh well. Life goes on.

Haha that reminds me of this awesome movie I watched called "Safe Harbour" or something... Well in truth I don't actually know what it was called. I was in Africa and someone randomly switched on the TV and this movie happened to have just started, so three of us just sat down and watched it over some awesome barbequed chicken <3. (Actually before that I was missing *ahem* a certain someone quite badly indeed and wanted to talk to that person over Facebook, but well I was still waiting for a reply to my message. Anyway I like to think back to that day because it was a really great day when we could still talk properly, and when I thought that maybe we were actually quite close and that I could tell you things I wouldn't open up to other people about. But it's not the same anymore.) ANYWAY~~~~~, I just googled the movie and it is indeed called Safe Harbour. I love it so much because not only does it star Cameron Monaghan but it's one of those heartwarming movies that tells you there's more good than bad in this world and about second chances and about being misunderstood and having people care for you when your own parents can't understand your feelings <3, I think it's really beautiful. Sorry, I'm sort of a sucker for these kinds of things >.< I'm an emotional person.

But I've been trying to catch up on watching SHINee's Hello Baby again, I think I'm going back to becoming obsessed with SHINee once more since they don't even have any variety shows which is damn sad :( same goes for BEAST. Anyway, I recently watched this clip on how the four (? I couldn't see Minho anywhere T.T) of them were in the car/van and singing to Ke$ha's Tik Tok, especially Key, though it sounded like Jonghyun was singing because he has that quality to his voice which is husky and cute at the same time. I love it when he sung that traditional song on Immortal Song 2, I enjoyed it so much <3.

G.O is awesome too, though. I'm so glad he released his own song, Even In My Dreams. It's really quite pretty. He received a lot of praise on one of his performances on IS2 so I hope that his career as a solo singer becomes successful while he continues to be with MBLAQ. I wish Cheondung would gain more recognition though, he deserves it since he's my ultimate K-pop bias anyway <3. THUNDERRRRRRRRR

I feel like I should write a story since I don't feel remotely tired or compelled to go to bed even though the 9th has just come and gone. (It's 12:05am right now)

Ahh. Today was so useless and unproductive. I guess I have to make use of the entire tomorrow getting everything done and I have to get a calculator ASAP, damnitall. I actually want to make use of myself and get a 4.0 for Math this semester so that I can actually pull my grades up. If not I'd probably die from not getting an intended at least 3.5 (that 0.5 jump in GPA would be wonderful, considering the fact that the highest I've ever gotten was roughly 3.24 I think... or was it? O.o I think I'm wrong. Dear me, I fail even when trying to recall my own GPA.)

I want to go to another K-pop concert!!! I almost died when I went to BEAST's fanmeet and Yoseobie kissed the camera twice <3 Though certain others were fangirling more on how Gikwang lifted his shirt to display his wonderful array of abs (HAHA THIS SOUNDS SO WRONG) and did pelvic thrusts... Though I almost became traumatized from that experience. It wasn't even on TV, he was right in front of me...

BASICALLY, there was a guy standing about 50m (less than that I think) away from me, doing pelvic thrusts during a song... I think the crowd went crazy mad. Haha. I must've just frozen on my seat (I was standing on the chair, mind you, I can't really call it a seat) because of the amount of fright that gave me.

Considering the fact that I haven't posted in a while, I shall deem this post long enough and go off to do more productive stuff (though my tab for Hello Baby is still on...?) since my homework has been lying in front of me on the table in a very neat stack for the past 10 hours... which is heartbreaking and makes me want to hug it and apologise to it and get on my knees, but that would be rather ridiculous even though I am alone in the room...

That sounds weird, like I'm hinting at some random stranger to come into the room and rape me with dishwashing liquid.

Eew. I'm sorry, that must have been disturbing to read. I shall continue drinking my fourth packet of milo for the day after I broke fast today.

Bye guys, goodnight ^^!



simon says "boom boom boom"

July 09, 2011 . 11:42 PM

I'm sorry for the extremely strange title... I was watching korean variety. That's all there is to it :)

More like it's because of awesome locking and popping dance battles. The song was precisely "Boom Boom Boom" or whatever... not sure how many "Boom"s there are in there -.- But it's a really good song to dance to for breakdancing I guess. Hehe I really want to take up dancing one day soon. But then I want to go for so many enrichment classes and stuff in the December holidays since June is already almost fully packed up... Ahh December. What a wonderful time of the year (Y).

Let's list our options shall we.
-Painting (since mum wants me to)

I doubt the last one would be a possibility. Then again, I'm not ranking anything according to preferance or anything... Haha but I think it is according to preferance after all. I'd like to make good use of my December holidays this year even though we will probably be going on a... um, 2 week holiday? I suppose it would be something like that. Where did we go in December... Australia, was it? The Tasmania and melbourne one <3. Yes I do think it was December... did we go anywhere in June? argh I'm not sure. Though for some reason I have this uncanny habit nowadays of always typing and misspelling "June" as "Joon"... K.Will <3


do you think Song Jieun and the Jieun from Secret are the same person? They look really really alike... really!! the rapper in "Going Crazy" is awesome but I almost thought he was Lee Joon because they looked alike, more so to me since I had just seen him blonde in K.Will's "My Heart Beating" MV... Though the title of this blog post includes "simon says" because I just finished watching "Oh My School" as I previously mentioned at the beginning of this blog post... ie. Korean variety.

Simon D a.k.a. Ssam Di a.k.a. Simon Dominic (which I just realise happens to be a rather strange name indeed)



oh shizz.

April 06, 2011 . 11:25 PM

Listening to Again by MBLAQ. It's a freakishly addicting song and it has thus compelled me to write on this blog that I haven't touched in just over two months, instead of telling me to obediently do my Geog AA which is due tomorrow. I intended to try (oh my goodness they just sang try~y~y~y~y~y in the song hahaha) to sleep "early" today. By early I mean before midnight, but seeing that it's impossible I started aiming for 1am. I'm starting to doubt that's going to work either, now, but well whatever.

I've been searching names of fanbases for K-pop artistes after a long HEN LEI day at school attending a strange but entertaining and productive RS workshop and being scolded by WO DE LAO SHI. TA HEN SHENG QI because Azaleah and I had to miss 2 hours of lesson today because of the workshop. Sigh~

Anyway, after I've done all that I've moved on to searching MBLAQ's cheer hahaha. SHINee's cheer is just all their real names from oldest to youngest, followed by "SHINee! LUCIFER!" yes something like that, as far as I know. Apparently FT Island has a cheer too, except poor Seunghyun doesn't actually have a nickname for himself from the fans, adding to the fact that he's somewhat the least popular? I think...

But for FT Island I obviously heard of Hongki first since he's the most marketed member even though I do have to say no matter how cute he is, he's not the most good-looking member of FTI. I think Jonghun is awesome and Minhwan is super babyfaced but still Hongki is better hahaha. I like how Minhwan has a great body because he plays the drums super well even... He looks like the maknae. But Seunghyun is. Hurhur.

I've learnt to type in Korean characters and I'm learning some basic words now~ It looks rather simple and I think it is quite simple to learn too, Japanese is much harder to read I think but OH I DON'T KNOW I think the daunting Geog AA is telling me to hurry up and get it done and print it out. Which reminds me, I'm also supposed to do Lit PT by the end of tomorrow so we can submit everything on Friday. But I thought it was also submit tomorrow...? Syasya says it's Friday and not tomorrow so I'm just really really hoping she's right and we don't have to superchiong everything tomorrow, judging from the fact that I don't even understand the play fully yet except for something called Bunsburyism or something along those lines.

Tomorrow we have self-prac for CCA which is quite good seeing that I'm not in the mood to play Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Still, I want to try and play high bells ;( I played Bev's notes the other time during the last conductor prac, I think, and it was awesome!!! Even though I sort of forgot how to read treble clef already because I hadn't seen it for ages and therefore missed some notes I forgot how badly I always wanted to play melody ;)

Ahh, I wish Ms Goh would TRY and assign me to some higher notes or whatever shizz... she just wants all ringers who are strong enough to ring bass bells... well, ring bass bells! But I don't actually think that's fair. She hasn't actually assigned me to any higher-up notes before other than bass, not even middle bells as far as I recall.

I have to admit I don't actually like to play middle bells either haha because they have all the strange complicated counter-melody. I like high bells, i honestly like high bells! :( I'm just scared they'll fly out of my hands are all. I know I'm having difficulty trying to memorise notes while even playing bass bells but I think it would be easier to memorise melody because it's just somehow after a while of playing you just seem to play to the tune and your hand moves naturally to ring there... To the point where if you miss the note you feel SUPERWEIRD like "THAT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN! *GASP* WHY DID THAT HAPPEN?"

I remember getting that sort of feeling during the pracs prior to SYF in primary school. haha i was so proud of myself the first time I played all the notes properly and didn't miss anything during one of the pracs, I was literally jumping for joy I think hahaha.

Ah, now I'm starting to miss primary school ;(

OH SHIZZ (see, like the title.) I JUST REALISED I HAVE EXACTLY 1 HOUR LEFT TO DO WORK (because I don't care I'm going to make my deadline 0030 hours because I am seriously not going to go to school tomorrow as a sleepy idiot and have to sleep in the evening tomorrow only to realise I have to chiong the stupid 10-question quiz for Lit PT again.

Oh well at least Vivianna said I could just print it out myself at some wee hour of the morning on Thursday night/Friday morning and bring it to school on Friday or something and flash it in the visualiser...? O_O or something like that.

1 hour left to do Geog. That probably means no music and no distractions like this blog. (I notice this post has quite bad English and I'm using emoticons more frequently. Is that bad?)




Hi... ?

February 05, 2011 . 7:13 PM

It's CNY, hohoho!

I'm rich and I have more money to spend and buy myself stuff, whee~~~. Well originally I'd intended to be really thrifty and save lots of money each week so that I'd be able to buy alot of things and not feel as if I splurge on expensive unnecessary things. That's why now I'd like to question myself as to how I can spend $25 a week. I don't see how every day when I go to school I manage to waste 5 bucks, and still be able to owe people $25 as of now. Haish.

Maybe because I eat out alot due to not-exactly-very-nice canteen food? :/ Batch lunches, OCK, instant noodles and such. I want to buy more marshmellows. <3 //spam

I actually made a "need list" of all the things I intend to have or save up for by the end of the year... And my birthday is actually even coming up soon so I think many many things in that list might already be given to me. Moreover I'm in serious need of a new handphone, my current one which is about only 14 months old is already hanging by a thread =.= And I can't even transfer videos from the computer into my phone, because firstly I keep losing the damn USB cable and secondly because the memory space is warped and something about it keeps me from being able to watch videos of epic K-pop bands in HQ :/ Which is undeniably sad.

I'm putting K-Pop with Justin Bieber for some reason. I seem to think that they start to get haters even though no one has ever really tried to listen to their songs, and even if they have, never tried to listen to these kind of songs with a positive attitude and actually trying to like them.

I used to hate Korea when I was a kid, for some reason I already can't remember. I do remember that I hated the Korean characters (hangul), because the O's looked so weird for what reason I can't even place. Now I can write the characters already, but I still can't speak the language. I don't know if it's simple or complicated or whatever, but I do know that writing it is really simple and I think it's more interesting than English letters.

But being an avid writer and applying for CAP, I still think that words and phrases of English are still the essence of awesome :) Just recently I used to hate Chinese, and with everyone complaining about Chinese homework all the time I think it fueled my hate even more before I even tried to learn the language. Actually I did learn it before, but that was long ago back when I was in kindergarten and the teacher was a scary old auntie from my POV. Looking back now, I think the only thing I found fun about that class was one of my weird classmates Tristan who would always make me fascinated by "eating paper". I've since learnt the trick on how to make something disappear from your mouth without swallowing it, hurhurhur.

I feel quite lame right now, really. I have no sense of humour.

All this talk about languages reminds me of so many things, one of them being the fact that I still need to contact Abi and get her to tell me which words to memorise for Chinese homework. Plus I still need to buy the 1B textbook and workbook. We're in Year 2 now, for goodness sake why am I only buying the 1Bs at this time =.= Sigh, I wasted alot of paper photocopying the worksheets I guess, thinking that we weren't going to continue with the book this following year and just start the first lesson with the new books.


See, I've talked so much about languages... Hmm maybe I should start typing in Korean? 대극남아 <3 크크크. Ahh it makes me jealous how Alexander is able to speak 7 languages, fluently or not. :( It's amazing how much information can be stored in the human brain just on how to communicate with people living all around different parts of the world.

Oh no, I sound like a nerdy scientist now.

But well, there are languages, humanities and sciences... I get told a lot of the time that I am a languages person. Well apparently girls are supposed to be more fluent in languages, so what does that make me? Quite ordinary I guess, even with the 4.0 GPA for Chinese that miraculously pulled all my marks up for EYA hahaha. I'll have to do much better this year, there's more stress but at least I have to thank God for giving 212 Ms Wong as our Geography teacher this year, I'm starting to like it more and more, also due to the fact that this year's topics are much more interesting as compared to last year's weird Agriculture. (o_o)

I think I am going to hate History forever :P

But for some strange reason I think I must have missed out on some important point during Literature last year, because no matter how much I like this damn subject as well as writing stories and poems, I can't seem to score and this subject and my grades for Lit are especially horrible. My mom says people usually do well in the subjects that they like and badly in the subjects that they hate, but I absolutely love Lit and for some reason there's something that just doesn't place me in the category of Literature-capable people.

Ah well, that's life, isn't it?

Yes, it probably is. I'm going to go fetch myself a bottle of Nutella and search madly for the marshmallows that I abandoned a while ago and delude myself in chocolate heaven. And maybe I shall melt the nutella to make it warmer and more liquidy before I begin my feast and fatten myself up <3 It's CNY, I have an excuse to gain weight over this five-day break. But then again, I need to lose weight, and I've only eaten one meal today. I didn't even try dieting and I'm much too lazy to go get my running shoes and jog around the neighbourhood. Anyway, it's too late in the evening for that.

Augh. Should have gone earlier. Perhaps I shall sleep early and wake up before dawn to go jogging for a bit, then make my way to Eastpoint and treat myself to the cup of iced milo I shouldn't be drinking just yet because I haven't fully recovered from tonsilitis? Hahaha. Then I can watch the sunrise from my rooftop and sleep there, while as people start to wake up in the house one by one they will panic and search for me thinking that I ran away from home.

Hold on. I'm starting to make my life sound like a shoujo manga. //dreaming





January 08, 2011 . 11:11 AM

The school term has started again and I'm not sure whether I should insert a smiley face or a sad face at the end of this sentence. :/

Already on the first day of school we have Math homework which I conveniently forgot and let it in class as we were rushing to go eat lunch before Station Games starts. Ahh.

Whai hasn't the student handbook come out yet?! I need it to organise all the thoughts in my brain, otherwise my new year resolution to "COMPLETE & HAND IN HOMEWORK ON TIME" will go down the drain already. Sigh.

WHAI is KHR ch. 321 taking such a long time to come out... It's been two weeks already and now we're supposed to wait for another five or six days? Chih. They should give us the first (probably) triple issue of all those mangas in Jump in existence. It's just fair! >:(

Station games was fun... and tiring. Though I got to play table soccer after who knows how long :) Hehehe evil musketeers were slacking for over an hour after relentlessly running around chasing sec ones and trying to take photos of them (which eventually all went to waste =.=). The moment they saw someone in black they'd all start screaming as if they'd seem something so scary like a ghost with an axe or a pontianak covere in blooood. Wah, even the other normal photographers who were clearly in white and NOT evil people (like us hehehe :>) got chased away.

And the most terrible thing is that some classes are really very rude to their seniors >__<; There were some who were really enthu and nice, others were dead and stone... And others were just violent and crazymad >:( I shall not disclose any of the classes though, if not they might really turn into ghosts and pontianaks and come chase after me with some fiery murderous intent.

I'm just glad that my junior class is a great class though, not violent or irritating or anything of the sort XD yay! Though I heard from Ronnie that my mortal is rather, um, violent? o.o Hmm. I realise I am using that word way too often in this post. And not only that, the language has become all haywire and not proper like it usually is. (Is it?)

On Thursday night I had few hours of sleep... I think only about three? There was one point of the day where I was really tired... I wonder how I managed to survive being an evil musketeer for two hours... hahaha. The canteen is not a good spot to try and take pictures of them >:(

So last night I was nodding off while watching Star Golden Bell around 11pm... And woke up todae, 11 hours later. Hahaha I think adding both nights up I still wouldn't have had sufficient sleep, coz apparently people our age are supposed to have 18 hours of sleep per two days:D I did the Math for some reason. To make things easier for my slow brain to register? I dunno.


Oh God. o__o I think it's best to end this (short)(useless)(rambling) post now before I go on and say any other weird things that make people think I'm a psycho. Annyeong!



o_o <-- expression!

December 06, 2010 . 7:03 PM

It feels weird, ne...

I haven't been posting for such a long time! :0 It's been a month and three days. And previously I even said I'd be posting multiple times a week, now that it's the holidays. Seems like I really don't seem to have as much time as I think I do.

At the moment, I'm trying to get my mind into a sort-of "delusion" that I am usually in when I begin to write stories, fanfiction and such. It helps me think that miracles happen all the time and that's where my source of happiness comes from when I write.

Contrary to that, on other occasions when I feel extremely depressed and need something to cheer me up, I usually have four options to choose from.

Read the manga "Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume". I don't know how anyone cannot feel happy just by reading that manga, it is so effective in lightening up my mood because of its mere dumbness. Shiawase is Jap for Happy anyway, so I really love to read that manga. Hehe.

If I get the chance, I sneak into the kitchen and grab my big bottle of Nutella and take a whiff of the chocolate. It's awesome! :D It's raining right now, and my face is heating up (for some unknown reason, it always does when it rains :/), which makes me feel restless and uneasy, so I managed to sneak in and grab the bottle and a spoon, and for the next hour I sat in an air-conditioned room feeding myself with nothing but the taste of Nutella and cold metal (spoon), sneezing and laughing myself to death. Laughing, because of the third option I have which I am about to present your with below.

Watch the reality/variety (i forgot which XP) show called Star Golden Bell on KBS World (channel 115 on Starhub cable <3). It's really absolutely hilarious and I absolutely love it with all my heart <3. Five minutes into watching the show and I completely forget that I was ever depressed before. It's not some sitcom drama like Hannah Montana (hahaha) or anything, it's a show where Korean celebrities are invited on the show to take part in quizzes and talk a little about their daily life and such, and all the money they earn from answering the quizzes correctly goes to some charity foundation? or scholarship? or something. but it's for a good cause and for people at home, a good laugh:D so yeah <3 Especially since for the last, I think nearly, FIVE (<3)(?) weeks, MBLAQ's visual maknae Cheondung has been on the show (although Lee Joon has been there longer <3) and it makes me fangirl seeing my favourite Korean celebrity up there. Although I still find it sad that SHINee rarely makes any appearances on TV, unlike MBLAQ and 2PM and U-KISS. Ah well I'm probably being a pain right now so I shall stop talking about Korean sutffs since there are others out there who are less concerned about these types of things others come to love <3. Ah, I've never been to a live concert of any celebrity so far, and since I only can manage to attend the ones in Singapore (although I have not managed to:P), I guess my field of vision must be extremely limited, no? Otherwise I can shift the blame onto the lack of parental consent. Hehe. But it's rather surprising... I have nearly ten autographs of Singaporean actors/singers/celebrities... I don't really remember the names of all of those whose autographs I own... Because I'm acquainted (ooh, formal word:D) with one of those celebrities since I was tiny and only a few years old... And because of that he got me his own autograph and those of co-actors in the same show... Let me count, alright? It sounds like I'm bragging again (I KNOW! I don't want to mention it either but I feel like I have to, so that I can avoid being critized against :/) but I really am not >.< Paul Foster... Kiwi Lim... Julian Low... Sezairi Sezali... ah sorry wait I don't think I can remember any more!!! >__< And my feet are lazy to take me to my room to get the autographs stashed deep in my drawer of so-called "precious things" ;) Hehe.


It's sad, but since I am an avid fan who fail to live without seeing the faces of my favourite idols on a daily basis I shall go out and buy SHINee and MBLAQ and BEAST and U-KISS merchandise in Singapore for a cheap price once I find a nice place:( Perhaps the next time after school I shall stop by Far East and buy many many many of those wonderful posters and whatever else like Albums :") <3

Oh and by the way the post before this one happened to be posted on the same day, do you know why? Haha. Because that was typed over a month ago as well (or around there~), and since I was in no mood to continue that post I ended off abruptly with what I had already written at the time and started a fresh new one here. Hehe.

Have I mentioned that I'm reading the manga Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen at the moment? So that I'm able to study the lives of people who are born into Royalty and live a life in which every little aspect is covered by the media and your private life is exposed to the whole world, by where no secrets can be kept.

Hehe, it sounds so action-packed and dark doesn't it! :) Although of course the author is not from Royalty (I think it would be deemed unfit by those Royal people to work as a mangaka, sadly :/), but she must have done some research too in order to create an awesome manga, right?! I wish I had a friend from Royalty... :( I always try my best to understand people but I guess it doesn't really work out and people just call me a busybody... Ahh the sadness of this world.

Hmm... I think the real situation is that since the characters I create are mostly from my delusions, they tend to possess some qualities or traits that I deem to be "perfect", but may be horrible or unsightly or whatever else in the eyes of other people. That's why I think I find it hard to create arguments between my characters where they call the other "ignorant, freaky, weird, stuck-up" and other adjectives which I cannot seem to think of right now. But since "pervert" and "creepy" have been used so often in manga, I think I'm able to use them now as well. Hehehe.

Oh well, I guess that ends my long lecture about myself here. In the next entry I shall talk about how I want to be a university lecturer when I grow up and the number of languages in which I am able to say "I love you~" <3.